Benefits of Tile & Stone

Both chic and classic, floors of tile or stone make a statement. They’re elegant. On-trend. Some even have recycled content. And tile is not just for the kitchen or bath—our styles captivate in any room of the house. You can even put tile in the bedroom, evoking the dreamy feeling of a Roman villa. In any space, you’ll love the timeless look of tile.

Care & Maintenance of Tile & Stone

Tile—whether it’s ceramic, porcelain, or stone—is one of the longest-lasting flooring materials in existence. But it still needs a bit of care. Basic, consistent maintenance of your tile or stone floor will ensure that it remains beautiful and trouble-free for many years.

When using R2X flooring cleaner — first sweep or vacuum to remove loose dirt. Then use the R2X. Lightly mist a 3 x 3 area and wipe floor with a clean micofiber or white terry cloth towel.

Installation of Tile & Stone

Tile and stone installation is done in stages: concrete board, set tile, and then grout. It may take several days to complete.

We are happy to do all the installation work if this is what you would like, or allow you do as much work as you want before we start the installation of materials. Communication is key to help the installation go smoothly.